Dota o Ako?

Hey there TNBBM viewers now we are going to talk about this so known words from our Girlfriend/Boyfriend if you have one thou so this phrase in Filipino is “Dota o Ako?”.

Well, this Dota computer game has been a very common reason why relationships are broken into pieces because the guy/girl has been taking almost all of their time playing the game while their Girlfriend/Boyfriend are already hurt and mad because they prioritize the game more than their relationship that have been a very smooth and jolly relationship before and some even have been waiting for hours just for them to communicate with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend but yeah they have been so busy being so addicted to the game so some are already tired of understanding so they could come up to the point of breaking up with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend just to avoid from being hurt and realized that they deserve better, So at that time the phrase “Dota o Ako?” is used.

So, for those who have their Girlfriend/Boyfriend waiting for them to stop or finish playing the game. What would you choose? Hahahahaha XD, or is it that you would just teach your Girlfriend/Boyfriend on how to play the game so that she/he could understand why you put so much time playing the game? well let me know which would you prefer. Just comment below :). and feel free to tell your thought and experiences.



There is also a relationship like the pic below that i will show you.


As you can see from the picture above the upper left says that the relationship have nothing to give so much time to any other thing but their selves only. But at the upper right it says that the guy is a dota player while the  lower left the girl is the one that is a dota player while the lower right is the kind of relationship that every dota player would love to have. so for you guys which one do you prefer?

For me, I’d choose the upper left because life is more meaningful when you know and you have already learnt how to prioritize your time with the ones that you love and also love you back without any hesitation, doubt and etc.


So There you go guys. Hope you enjoyed my post, Thank you for the love and support.Peace Out guys!!!